Hello friends:

As the pandemic continues without clarity on when the “stay home” orders will be lifted and/or when we can return to our normal routines, we want you to know that the lawyers of Rogers Sevastianos & Bante, LLP remain committed to your legal needs. While most lawyers and staff are working remotely, we have personnel at the office to handle all essential and emergency legal matters. Nothing has changed in that regard. We are available to both our current clients and our future clients 24/7. We want everyone to know that whether by prosecution, injury, divorce or otherwise: when it all changes, we are here.

Rogers Sevastianos & Bante is a paperless office that embraces technology, and we have since we opened our doors. The need to work remotely was something we incorporated into our practices at the start of our business, and therefore, the protocols imposed by “stay home” orders and the like were ones we adopted long ago. As a result, we can seamlessly advance the legal needs of all current and prospective clients, and continue to meet them electronically to discuss an active or potential legal matter.

  • Remains open 24/7 to all current and prospective clients;
  • We continue to advance the needs of our current clients;
  • We are able to meet electronically with potential clients and/or discuss their cases over the phone, as they prefer;
  • We honor “stay home” orders and social distancing, as well as the health of our clients and colleagues, to help reduce and slow the spread of the coronavirus

We hope you are all well, and stay safe and unified as we get through this together.


John Rogers, Noel Sevastianos & Joe Bante
The Partners of Rogers Sevastianos & Bante, LLP