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Saint Louis Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Family-related legal issues such as divorce are always stressful. When you are facing one, you need a lawyer who will truly listen to you and understand what you are going through. You need someone who is straightforward and will be responsive to your needs. You need someone who is capable of moving you through your issue toward a resolution.

At Rogers Sevastianos & Bante, LLP, we focus on treating you with the respect you deserve while providing you with the representation you need. We carefully explain the legal process and fees associated with achieving your goal in an atmosphere of individualized service.

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Painting an Accurate Picture

When many of our clients first meet with an attorney, they have no idea of what to expect. They may have gone online to read about the law, or seen television shows depicting divorce scenarios, but the truth is that family law is very complex and can be confusing.

We feel it is our job to educate you and help you to manage your way through your legal issues. We regularly practice in the area of family law and can help you to set reasonable expectations for an outcome.

Support Through Any Family Law Case

In addition to divorce, we are prepared to offer you caring and efficient counsel in the following areas:

  • Separation agreements
  • Establishing legal paternity
  • Modifications of child custody, visitation and support orders
  • Enforcement of child custody, visitation and support orders
  • Parent relocation and cross-jurisdictional child custody issues
  • Domestic violence and orders for protection
  • Prenuptial agreements

Advocacy for Your Children’s Best Interests

Issues involving children can be some of the most challenging you’ll ever face. It is our goal to help you protect your child’s best interests while establishing a custodial or support plan that is mutually acceptable to both parents. We are prepared to assist you with the following:

  • Child custody and visitation/parenting plans
  • Child support
  • Cross-jurisdiction child custody issues/move-away cases
  • Child custody, visitation and child support modification
  • Visitation and child support enforcement

Contact Our Saint Louis Area Law Office for a Free Consultation

We offer flexible appointment scheduling, including evening, weekend and off-site appointments, and we strive to keep our fees reasonable.

Contact us online or by calling 314-354-8484 for more information or for a free phone consultation, or schedule a time for a free consultation in our office.

Bante Joe

Additionally, firm partner Joe Bante is also licensed to practice in Illinois. For more information, please contact the lawyers of Rogers Sevastianos & Bante, LLP by calling 314-354-8484.

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