Providing Compassionate Legal Counsel in Child Custody Cases

When it comes to children being involved in a divorce, the choices are never easy. The custody arrangement that is decided within the case will impact that child’s life and future opportunities. If you are facing this trying and difficult time, you need expert guidance to help you make the most sensible choices that will leave a positive effect on both you and the child.

At Rogers Sevastianos & Bante, LLP, we take an aggressive yet delicate approach to custody, always promoting the child’s best interest in proceedings. We will work directly with you and keep you fully informed of your rights and options throughout the entire legal process. Our straightforward and forthright legal advice will assist in continually protecting your child’s welfare.

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How a Child Custody Lawyer Can Help

In the state of Missouri, child custody and visitation documents are referred to as parenting plans. Although child custody concerns most often arise out of divorce, the need for legal representation may arise out of a variety of situations:

Paternity Actions and Petitions for Custody

If you are an unmarried father in Missouri, you will be subject to a child support order – but that does not mean you have child custody rights. In the past, if an unmarried father wanted custodial rights, a paternity suit had to be filed. Now, if you are the father listed on the birth certificate and are paying support, you can file a petition to gain custody and visitation rights. This means pursuing parental rights and drafting a parenting plan, which we strongly advise retaining a lawyer to help.

Grandparent Visitation

In the state of Missouri, grandparents may have legal rights to visitation with their grandchildren in some circumstances. If you are a grandparent, we are able to assist you in determining your legal standing and proceed from there in setting up a case.

Parental Relocation (“Move-Away Cases”)

In Missouri, whether you are moving down the street or to another state, you have to provide formal notice to the other parent – and potentially get the permission of the court to do so, if your children are subject to a parenting plan. To learn more about the steps to relocate a child and your rights during the process, go to our Child Relocation page.

Modifications of Parenting Plans

Modifications of custody or visitation plans are allowed when there has been a substantial change in circumstances for the child or either parent. We can help you protect your parental rights if you need to modify the parenting plan by finding an effective solution, while keeping in line with the best interest of the child. To learn more about how to modify the terms of custody, go to our Modifications page.

Custodial Rights, Parental Rights and Parental Decision-Making

Disputes between parents can occur when one parent attempts to deny visitation to the other or they make a parenting decision that the other parent does not agree with. Sometimes parents may not feel they have enough decision-making power in their children’s lives. When these situations occur, we can help you to develop an acceptable resolution that will protect your rights in court.

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