Accidents Caused By Tire Defects Due To Delamination And Tire Explosions

You have probably seen it on the road — a strip of rubber left by a tire that exploded or delaminated. Tire and other automobile defects can cause very serious accidents and injuries. If your accident involved a tire explosion or tire delamination, it is imperative that your lawyer have the skills to handle these complex personal injury claims involving product liability.

Our experienced attorneys focus entirely on helping seriously injured victims. This includes counsel following auto wrecks related to tire explosion or tire delamination. What is so awful about these cases is that they often could have been prevented. Instead, a tire manufacturing company fails to recall or fix a defect or a mechanic fails to properly install a tire, leading to a tire explosion and serious wreck.

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The Dangers Of Tire Explosions And Tire Delamination

Having defect-free tires can be crucial to your safety. When a tire explodes or delaminates, the treading can rip apart and a driver can suddenly lose control. In truck accidents, the driver of a semi could completely spin out of control, crashing into oncoming traffic or crossing the median.

We are very experienced with serious injury cases and will seek maximum compensation for your injuries. These types of accidents often lead to serious and catastrophic injuries. Let us help you get the justice you are looking for so you can focus on healing. Our lawyers are compassionate and dedicated to your individual needs.

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