University settles counts for false claims: Plaintiff sues for retaliation, damage to reputation

$1.8 million Settlement St. Louis University agreed to pay the United States $1.8 million in exchange for the dismissal of the Qui Tam (false claim) counts.

The plaintiff, Edwin Dunteman, had sued for retaliation, loss of wages and damage to reputation and business relationships.

The United States agreed that Dunteman and another relator were entitled to a portion of these funds as a statutory award for their role as false claims whistleblowers. Dunteman was awarded $164,180.

In addition, after a hearing, the District Court ordered that St. Louis University pay Dunteman $23,974.50 for attorney fees incurred because of the false claims counts.

In July 2005, defendants St. Louis University and Baudendistel paid the plaintiff $400,000 as a “global” settlement of all remaining claims, which included counts for retaliation, misrepresentation, breach of contract and tortious interference with contractual relations. The total amount received by the plaintiff in this case was $588,154.50


Type of Action: Qui Tam (False Claims) and related employment claims

Type of Injuries: Wage loss; damage to reputation and business relationships; attorney fees

Court/Case No./Date: United States District Court, Eastern District for the State of Missouri/4:98CV1903SNL

Caption: United States of America, ex rel. Edwin Dunteman v. St. Louis University and Lawrence Baudendistel

Judge, jury or ADR: Judge

Name of Judge: Stephen N. Limbaugh

Special Damages: Wage loss; damage to reputation and business relationships; attorney fees

Attorneys for plaintiff: Noel A. Sevastianos & Gary Siegel, St. Louis